How to identify cause and effect in a story

Acting any essay is very easy as long as you know what you are writing about in the first place. Most people will make the mistake of getting down to writing without realising what they are writing about. An essay flows and it should impress your instructor. So how do you impress your tutor so they give you the A you so much deserve? One thing you should probably unlearn is that your tutor is not some boring, strict, and stern looking individual with uncombed hair and distasteful style. They were once students and that is why however much you try short cuts they will detect. So here is an ingenious trick to get your tutor to think all about your essay and want to trash the rest with a cause and effect essay.


How to Identify a Cause and Effect in a Story?

This is probably the hardest part for you but am going to make it look like ordering pizza. First of all, an essay is not a story. It is an academic paper that requires you to invest time if you want to score good grades. No tutor will tell you that the essay they have just given you is a cause and effect paper. You will need to figure it out on your own. If you ever encounter an essay that requires you to explain the results of an occurrence or an event then that is definitely a cause and effect. Consider the following cause and effect questions to get the idea:

  • Factors leading to global warming
  • Why did America invade Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Why does the UK want to exit from the European Union?
  • Why do you study so hard?

In essence, such an essay will require you to answer a question on why occurrences and situations are as they are. If you meet such a paper just know it is a cause and effect.


How to Write Analyse a Cause and Effect in a Story?

The analyze simply means breaking it down into pieces that you can easily chew. Did you know that you have to chew your food at least eight times before you swallow? well, the same concept applies when it comes to analysing any story. Reading it again and again in order to understand what it is all about. When you are reading, try to list down the causes and effects of what the author is talking about.


Give Your Opinion

You don’t spend time in school just to reproduce ideas. You use facts to generate your own ideas. Reproducing ideas is an academic offence often referred to as plagiarism. Use the knowledge that you have gathered to give an opinion of the cause and effect story that you are reading about. Professionally, this is called giving a critic.


Be Organized

Any essay requires organisation. Plan for the paper early and read the relevant resources in order to avoid last minute rush. However, if you are late for one reason or the other do not stress. You can get all the research and organisation done for you by visiting and letting professionals handle the work for you.