How to find our passion part 2

From the Fun Zone to the Actualization Zone

One of the hardest things is to transfer your realm of passion over to the hard market demands. You having fun in your doing your passion, but you do not really make something with it. In order to capitalize on your passion, you need it to put it into boundaries somewhat. For instance, if your passion is writing for instance, you having fun doing it 2 hours a day. But to get really good and to make your living out of it, you will need to practice non-stop and get to work for at least 8 hours a day.

Because, whatever your passion is, you will still have to work for it. Putting in more work = getting more results. The vast majority of people who are successful have followed (and still follow) this pattern.

Passions in Different Forms and Sizes

I have to say that I am a person of multiple passions. My main passion is actually discovering new things. For instance, I started with online marketing because I was very much interested in it. But before that I had a company in web application. And now I want to discover the passion of writing. So I do not think you should limit yourself to one passion. But for the sake of the article, if finding one passion is hard enough, than you should not lose focus by taking on too many business opportunities.

I know a person who worked at tedious office job. But her passion was wildcrafting, natural soaps and cosmetics and writing down her various experiences. So she set to write down her scribbles every day. Eventually this transformed to a book. Eventually she even published it by herself. Now the book did not make a lot of money. But she discovered her passion as she went, it became stronger and made her get her focus straight. Now she writes full time, both freelance and for herself. She has more money than before and she gets to do what she loves. That is the ultimate aim.

Two last things to take into consideration. For one, you will have to put in effort to find your passion and to make it into something you can use to make yourself location independent. I can tell you “don’t be lazy”, but better is, do something you love and you don’t want to be lazy anymore. That’s actually one of shortcuts to your passion.

The second thing is, you hear sometimes that people lose their passion because it has become their job. This is something you should not worry about too much. It is about enjoying the ride. If you start to hate it, your passion played out and it is time to find a new passion. Perhaps your old passion will rekindle, perhaps not. But key is: let it slide. Do not become too much hung on it. That way you feel so much more energetic to pursue other passions.